There are three common questions people ask me about Em Oi.  The first question is almost always, “What is Em Oi?”

It’s a hard question to give a simple answer to.

The dry practical description of Em Oi is an interactive beauty and fashion magazine published exclusively on the Apple iPad.

The real truth, though, is that it is really hard to describe what the magazine actually is.  It definitely goes beyond being a series of editorials exhibiting fashion or beauty, it goes beyond being a series of photos showcasing beautiful models in beautiful locations. It’s the intersection of fashion, beauty and art, presented in a highly engaging and interactive user experience.

For each issue we work diligently to surface a vibe, an energy, an emotion, a story, an experience.  When we start planning a new feature, we first sit down and think about the story, what do we want the feature to say, what do we want the feature to expressIt’s not enough to pick a photographer, a model, a style and then say, “Go shoot photos of that.”

Once we’ve come up with the idea, we then sit down and write a two to three page story.  Not a screenplay or a shooting script, but an actual short story.  The purpose is twofold: define the narrative for the feature and, more importantly, express the essence or vibe in concrete terms.

Each issue of Em Oi consists of four to six of these productions and for each production we produce content in all kinds of forms: photos, music, video, interactions.  We then weave them all together into an expressive interactive whole.

The second question I get asked a lot has to do with our tag line:

Cute. Beautiful. Sexy.

These three words were very deliberately chosen as they express the idea of Em Oi as a whole.  In each of our issues we work hard to make sure that those three words are expressed in our stories and features:


Your girlfriend running along the beach on that vacation you took together.  She is looking over her shoulder at you; those wide, playful eyes you adore grinning at you, knowing you. That adorable smile lighting up her face, familiar, comforting, lovely.


The first time you see her in that long red dress, that long silken black hair framing her face perfectly, painted red lips punctuating porcelain skin, those smoky eyes staring directly at your soul.  Standing there looking at her, you are moved to say something but words are failing you. So, you say nothing.  It’s a moment that lasts forever, imprinted in your memory like a photograph.  It will be impossible to forget.


It’s all about the attitude.  Is she beautiful?  Yes, very much so.  Standing in the doorway of the bedroom in nothing but a silk robe, the faint scent of her perfume decorating the air, it would be impossible to say she is anything but beautiful.  But it’s really the confidence she carries herself with that draws your attention. A sensual confidence bolstered by her intelligence, subverted by her trusting vulnerability.  It goes well beyond the surface level and is such an amorphous thing that it defies description.  But, you know it when you see it and she has it.

The third question we are asked, “Is this a men’s magazine?”

The answer is simple: yes, no and maybe, but also maybe not.  We will leave that for you to judge, but we can say that we think each issue has something to offer both men and women.

What you will not find in Em Oi is articles.  There is little to no text. No articles on accessorizing your lipstick with your purse, the best shaving technique for men, 101 sex tips on making your man happy, none of that vapid nonsense whose only real purpose is filling pages to sell more advertising.  We present beauty, fashion and art in it’s pure visual form and we think that’s all we have to do to produce something worthwhile.

Of course, you will be the final judge of that.

I’d like to end by thanking everyone that has worked so hard on producing this.  We really think that Em Oi is a one of a kind thing and we appreciate all of the hours and sacrifice the entire team has put into making it happen.

We’d also like to thank all of the people who have been supporting us.  Hitting the 100,000 likes on Facebook was an amazing milestone and has really bolstered our drive to making this the best possible piece of art that we can.

We hope you enjoy it.




Minh Son,
Editor in Chief
Em Oi Magazine